Life becomes difficult, and survival goes to nil when you have a criminal record registered under your name. Getting a job or renting an apartment with a criminal record seems next to impossible. It is so because the employers and landlords always ask and inquire about whether you have any criminal history or not. This process is known as a background check. And who would like to make a criminal work or live along with them? Nobody. Therefore, it becomes essential to remove criminal records in order to survive in this harsh world.

There are a few stages through which an individual has to go through to clean criminal records registered under his or her name. These steps are simple to follow and can make someone’s life better than ever.

Get detailed about what expungement can do

There are a number of criminal records that can be found or search by anyone. But expungement can help you in making an alternation of all your criminal records by removing all kinds of offenses. Through this process, you will become capable of answering legally to anybody that you do not have any criminal record. And know what, you can easily go for a job interview and rent an apartment without any hassle.

Give a thought to sealing the record

Expunging and Sealing are completely different from each other. When the criminal record gets sealed by the court, nobody can obtain the documents that are easily available for public inspection. The court orders to remove all documents related to that person. In expungement, a case is treated as if it has never taken place; while in the state of sealing the records, the record exists but can’t be seen through ordinary means.

Consider a certificate of innocence

Having a certificate of innocence is a far way step ahead of a regular expungement. This certificate states that you were innocent and you cannot be arrested in the first place.

Get a certificate of rehabilitation

In many states, you can obtain a certificate of rehabilitation that helps you clear all your criminal records. This certificate is like a declaration that says that you have been rehabilitated.

Check whether you are eligible for an expungement

To know about the eligibility for an expungement, you need to visit your state’s courthouse or court website to understand what requirements are there to accomplish. Though for sure, you may not be very friendly with these regulations and every situation is different; you can hire or speak with a person who is well-versed with these technicalities so that you know how to proceed with it.

File a petition for expungement

Once you get confirmed about your eligibility, you can take the process forward by filing a petition with the courthouse. A date of hearing will be allotted on which you can have your record expungement.

Consider hiring an attorney

An attorney will be a great help to know about the processes involved in expungement.