The trend of fake degrees and diploma has become common and sophisticated nowadays. But with this trend, there come the consequences too. There are many agencies who provide fake degrees with verification but still fail to pass a screening test when conducted. Not one or two, but there are six ways to track whether the degree is real or fake. Through these ways, anyone with an expert vision can spot about the status of a certificate.

Several agencies deal with this service from where anyone can buy fake diploma online and never has to show up their faces to any of those agents. The process involved in these kinds of works is confidential. But still, there are chances to get caught when it comes to checking a degree or diploma through expert eyes.

Let’s study about them and learn how to spot a fake degree certificate:

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1. Make use of Google to know about the authenticity of a University

The agencies who work in the business of making fake degrees and certificates gain the trust of people by showing them websites of different universities as real with all information, news, pictures, and detailed courses. Even testimonials on the websites are only to impress the new visitors though they are fake.

It is not very much difficult to trace out the authenticity of any college or university. It is so because a real institute always a huge number of students who discuss their institution at various social media platforms. In the case of fake universities, you will not find any information on social media that indicates that the degree of that particular university is fake. All this search can be initiated on Google making everything crystal clear.

2. Receive confirmation of the address of the University

The address of the University provided to a person can be confirmed by personally hitting a visit to that place. The agencies fake the location and address and make people believe that this university exists.

3. Check out the spelling mistakes in your certificate

The diploma providing mills often make mistakes in the making of fake certificates. The reason being, they are not that good at English. All they know is how to fool people.

4. Check thoroughly if there is an embossed or gold seal on it

Generally, universities use Gold Seal or Embossed on their degrees. If you do not hold a degree with the same, then it is clearly fake.

5. See the watermark on certificate in sharp light

The sign authenticity of a certificate is indicated by the watermark on it. Check your certificate in sharp light to see whether it has a watermark or not. No watermark means that certificate is fake and it a thing to worry about.

6. Check the signature is real or marked digitally

On real certificates, signatures are signed with a real pen. If your certificate has a signature marked digitally, then it is a fake one.